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Gripping And Taut Top 5 Of New September Book Releases

September proved to be a month of a golden book harvest for the fans of several outstanding authors. Waiting for the sequels of Cormoran Strike series or the pensioner quartet of the Thursday Murder Club is finally over. There wasn't even time to write about the books when pages of gripping reading were awaiting. And if you just add such names as Stephen King and Jo Nesbo to the pack... But first thing's first. Here's our Top 5 of new September book releases:

by Richard Osman

If you haven't heard of the Thursday Murder Club, you've been missing something in your life. The Last Devil to Die is the fourth book in the series about four elderly neighbours: Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim. These four are better crime solvers than all the police added together, and this time they are looking for the killer of Elizabeth husband's old friend Kuldesh who helped them solve the previous case. He was definetely mixed in one of the heroin deals but was heroin the actual reason? Well, there's no case impossible to crack for those four.

by Stephen King

The master of horror and suspense returns Holly Gibney, his strange and intelligent female character from Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and The Outsider, to act on her own in his newest novel. Holly, the private detective in Finders Keepers agency, receives a call from Penny Dahl about her missing daughter Bonnie. A family of retired professors is living near the place where Bonnie disappeared, who look like normal bourgeois representatives but they are hiding an unholy secret in their basement, which might be related to the girl gone missing. So Holly will have to summon all her talents to outsmart the professors and find out the truth.

by Robert Galbraith

The seventh installments in the Cormoran Strike series fortunately wasn't so long to wait for. This time Cormoran and Robin's private detective agency receives a request from a worried father that his son has joined a religious cult. At first glance the Universal Humanitarian Church looks harmless, however Cormoran discovers some sinister intentions and unexplained deaths underneath. Of course, it's Robin who volunteers to infiltrate the cult. But she's not prepared for what's waiting her there...

by Jo Nesbo

The bestselling author of the Harry Hole series has written a classic horror story. After his parents die in a house fire, a fourteen-year-old Richard is sent to an insular town to live with his aunt and uncle. He becomes an outcast at school, and when his classmate Tom disappears everybody starts suspecting Richard, although he claims that he saw how Tom was sucked into the receiver in a telephone booth on the edge of the woods. Nobody believes him, the police, obviously, too. But when another classmate goes missing, Richard must try and find the way to prove his innocence and his sanity.

by Lauren Groff

This brilliant author of Matrix, Florida, and Fates and Furies, presents her readers yet with another electrifying fable, which tells a story of America in miniature with a help of one servant girl who escapes from a colonial settlement into the wilderness. Carrying just her personal items and the god's faith in her heart she will soon learn that this new environment she entered is beyond her imagination, and that you should quickly adapt despite your belief in order to save oneself.


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