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Jo Nesbo Introduces The Sequel To His Standalone "Kingdom"

If you loved the gripping story in Kingdom by a best-selling Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, you should be pleased to know that a thriller involving the brothers Carl and Roy Opgard will continue in a sequel - Blood Ties. The book is coming our on October 10th this year.

Blood Ties will be a grandiose and explosive suspense novel about loyalty, family ties, consuming love, and the fight against powerful forces. It will transport you to a community in crisis and tell the story of two brothers on the verge of losing all that they’ve fought for.

In a new novel you'll find Carl managing the area’s swanky spa hotel, while Roy has ambitious plans for an amusement park complete with a roller coaster. The only way is up for the two brothers. Unless the local sheriff can bring them down who believes he has new evidence that will prove the brothers involvement in several past murders, but Carl and Roy Opgard are used to covering their tracks, and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty...

Blood ties will be available as a hardback, ebook and audio download on the above mentioned date. So don't forget to pre-order it!



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