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Jo Nesbo Tames The Genre Of Short Stories

Jo Nesbo, a bestselling crime writer, attempts to master a new literary genre and is about to present his first ever collection of short stories, which, of course, will grip the readers with their dark and twisted crimes. The book titled The Jealousy Man And Other Stories is scheduled to be published on September 30.

Each short story will have the plot of its own. As described on Jo Nesbo's webpage, we meet a Greek detective who has become an expert on jealousy thanks to some hard-earned lessons from his private life. Far away, in another country, a taxi driver finds his wife’s earring in a car belonging to his boss and sets out to discover how it ended up there. High in the skies above, a woman is on board a plane headed to London, about to end her own life in the wake of her husband’s affair with her best friend. But who is the man sitting next to her? Nesbo also takes us to the near future, to a dystopian America, where the upper-class elite is waiting atop a skyscraper to be evacuated while the masses fight for survival in the streets below. We are introduced to two best friends on their way to the bull races in Pamplona when they fall in love with the same girl and, in the epic and vicious finale, we meet a psychologist who also happens to be an assassin.

Here's a short sneak peek into the upcoming book.

Jo Nesbo is mostly known for his crime series about a full of earthly flaws Oslo detective Harry Hole, which already consist of 12 novels, Knife being the latest. He has also wrote a number of bestselling stand-alones, including Headhunters, The Son, The Kingdom and others as well as the funny children's series about Doctor Proctor.


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