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John Grisham To Release His New Book This May

One of the most productive writers in the world John Grisham takes advantage of COVID to present his readers with yet another book. This time it is a collection of three novellas titled Sparring Partners, which will be released on May 31.

As the writer explains himself, "My latest book, the one I'm still trying to finish even as we speak, is something new for me. It's a small colleciton of short novels, known as novellas, they're too short to be novels and too long to be short stories - thus, novellas. I wrote them for several reasons one of which is I'm still stuck at home with COVID and can't do anything else, so I'm writing far too much, but most importantly these are stories I've had for a long time."

No wonder these stories are tightly connected to legal topics and involve lawyers as the main characters like most of John Grisham's books do. The first novella is called Homecoming and features the return of Jake Brigance; the second is called Strawberry Moon and is about a death row inmate whose last request is to see the moon, which he haven't seen for fifteen years; and the third one titled as the book - Sparring Partners - tells about two brothers who own a law firm inherited from their father who is in prison now. The family gets their day in court but maybe not the way they invisioned it.

You can pre-order the book by clicking here.


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