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New Jo Nesbo And Camilla Läckberg Crime Thrillers To Be Released In May

May is the month when English reading fans of Scandinavian noir will get two presents at almost the same time, as the newest crime novels by Norwegian best-selling author Jo Nesbo and Swedish crime queen Camilla Läckberg are scheduled for the end of this month.

On May 25 the pre-orders of Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus new thriller Cult will reach the faithful readers. After a gripping first work by this productive joint venture titled Trapped in English, which introduced another weird couple of investigators - detective Mina Dabiri and celebrity mentalist Vincent Walder, finally the world will meet them again for their second investigation together.

Meanwhile on May 30 Jo Nesbo will hand in his 13th crime novel in the Harry Hole series to the English-speaking world. Killing Moon will bring Harry Hole back to the millions of his fans who have waited so long for yet another intricate and cruel investigation, which Harry will already carry out outside the police jurisdiction.

And there's also a bonus - right after you're done with reading the previous two crime novels, on July 25 you'll get the newest case of Joona Linna, the Swedish detective created by Lars Kepler (actually a husband and wife team - Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril) in the book called The Spider. where the police is always a moment late to prevent the next murder, except the detective Joona Linna who is always prepared for the worst.

So embrace yourselves with a handful of patience - the best crime story vibes are coming your way!


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