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Start Your Year With Top 5 Of New January Books

New year, new reading challenges, or no challenges at all - just a simple pleasure of spending your time with a favourite book. By the way, which book have you started your year with? If you're still looking for the perfect read, take a look at our Top 5 of new January publications where you might find that particular one for upcoming weekend:

by Elizabeth Gonzalez James

For those who like a family saga with historical spices, this novel will definitely bring satisfaction. In 1895 Antonio Sonoro, the legendary bandido El Tragabalas, The Bullet Swallower, sets off for Houston to rob the train followed by his younger brother Hugo. But Hugo is killed by Texas Rangers, and Antonio is ready to endanger everything, even his soul, to get revenge. In 1964 the famous actor and singer Jaime Sonoro discovers a book with all his family history from the beginning and realizes that he might be the one to pay for all the crimes of his ancestors, if he doesn't succeed to reveal the truth behind his grandfather Antonio's story.

by Ashley Elston

Why not start your year with a mystery thriller? Evie Porter has everything in her life a girl might desire but the thing is Evie Porter doesn't exist. Her mysterious boss Mr. Smith gives her a name and location, and Evie completes the task. But this time it's different, as Evie starts to imagine a different life she could live, only she has to make no mistake, like the time before.

by K.M. Baker

Ready for a Darkness Duet? This is a volume one of this really dark romance. Callie is on a run from her father and his secret society. It seems that she succeeded in creating a new life with new home. new best friend and even a caring fiancé till she is kidnapped by The Monroe brothers who intend to use Callie to revenge her father but Callie wants a revenge, too!

by Alex Michaelides

Another tale of a murder by a bestselling author. Lana Farra, an ex-movie star, invites her closest friends to a private Greek island to spend Easter with her. But the friends turned out to be not so friendly but rather burning with hatred and bearing desire for revenge, and this led to the most tragic outcome - one of the island guests was found murdered.

by Marion Gibson

For those who are more into non-fiction, we offer to dive into thirteen trials across history and across continents to witness the ones who were accused of witchcraft. Some of them survived the trials, some were condemned but the book is not only about the facts - it's about how witchcraft became feared, reimagined, gender oriented, entangled into political conspiracy and how much individual resistance it took.


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