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Top 5 Of New January Books

Have you given away to this mass obsession called Spare and written by Prince Harry? Everybody is talking about this book, everybody's reading the extracts spilled out in mass media, but is everybody going to read the book themselves? Well, the numbers are as high as 3.2 million copies sold in just one week, and we have to confess that we ordered a copy, too (the review is yet to follow). However, royal chronicles is not the only new book you should focus on this January. If you're not fond of memoirs, try our TOP 5 of new January books:

by Laura Zigman

If you're looking for a sensitive and witty novel, this one on complex sisterhood might just be right. Joyce is divorced and lives alone occasionally trolling her neighborhood social networking site called Small World. Her older sister Lydia also divorces and decides to move back after almost thirty years. Joyce invites her to stay temporarily together. But to Joyce's dismay they are not getting along. When new family secrets come to surface, it is only for them to decide whether they'll drive them further apart or connect for the future.

by Jane Harper

Finally Aaron Falk, the detective created by Jane Harper, is back for his third crime story. A mother goes missing. A year on Aaron Falk is invited to the celebration where the guests are not so amicable as they seem. So Aaron starts feeling there're more dark questions about old truths that connect this missing mother, his closest friend and a woman he's attracted to.

by Jessica George

There's another smart and funny read, dealing with the topics of our time. Maddie is a black young woman living in London, taking care of her father and working hard for her nightmare boss. When her mum returns from her last trip to Ghana, Maddie finally decides to start living a life and rents a shared flat. She does a number of her firsts: stands up for her career, goes for after-work drinks and entangles herself in internet dating. But suddenly a tragedy strikes, and Maddie must face the true nature of her unconventional family.

by Rachel Hawkins

Who doesn't love a wicked gothic suspense? Emily and Chess were inseparable from childhood but their adult life drove them apart. Thus when Chess invites Emily to the villa in Italy, there's no room for a negative answer. In 1974 the villa was rented by a rock star who invited his friend Pierce, his girlfriend Mari and her stepsister Lara. But the stay ended in Pierce's brutal murder. Emily is fascinated by villa's history and soon starts feeling that Pierce's murder might have been something more sinister than the usual sex, drugs and rock n' roll. However, the closer she gets to the truth, the more tension arises between her and Chess...

by Kelsy Burke

This work of non-fiction has an intriguing title, but actually is a deep dive into historical, religious and cultural facets of the phenomenon in America. The book is based on a five-year research conducted by Dr. Kelsy Burke, listening to the both sides - opponents and sympathizers of pornography. She addresses and debunks the myths that surround porn and offers a complete understanding of the major players, from sex workers to religious leaders and consumers.


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