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Top 5 Of February New Books To Banish Winter

February is an exceptional month, being the shortest even with one day added on. It's actually a relief after a long and cold January when you start counting the days till the winter ends, not to mention the colorful Carnivals all over the globe with their purpose to banish this annoying season from everyone's yard. But, on the other hand, it's also February's doom, as it's being skipped, erased, crossed-out, with eyes and hearts put on March and the upcoming spring. Nevertheless, despite February's shortness or insignificance, it also offers new books to satisfy everyone's taste. So check out our TOP 5 of new February books and find the one you'll end this winter with:

by Kristin Hannah

Not all war heroes are men. A lot of women are, too, and this novel tells the story of one. Frances is a nursing student who joins the Army Nurse Corps and follows her brother to Vietnam. There she faces chaos and many deaths but becomes one of the lucky to come home. But war doesn't end in Vietnam, coming back to America Frances understands that the major battles are yet to fight.

by C. L. Miller

Who can resist a well-constructed murder mystery? Freya receives a letter from her estranged mentor and antique dealer Arthur asking her to come back to her hometown and investigate, but when she finally returns it's too late - Arthur is already dead under suspicious circumstances. Together with her aunt Carole, Freya follows the clues to the antique enthusiast's weekend at an old manor house where antiques appear to be poor reproductions and all the guests the potential suspects.

by Yangsze Choo

Fans of the Asian mythology should definitely lay an eye on this novel. The story sets in Manchuria of 1908 when people believed that foxes could transform into young women and lure their victims. The detective Bao who has always been fascinated by fox gods, is summoned to investigate the identity of a woman found frozen in the snow. Meanwhile a Chinese family owning a medicine shop cannot banish the curse - their eldest sons die before the twenty-fourth birthday. Now they have only one grandson left who is twenty-three. A new female servant enters their house but is she really a simple woman or the fox god with her own mission?

by A. J. Finn

What about a tricky crime story? A crime writer Sebastian who is about to die invites Nicky, an expert on detective fiction, to write his life story. Twenty years ago his first wife and son disappeared from different locations never to be found. Now he has a new family, but Nicky wonders whether Sebastian has committed a perfect crime, and when a corpse shows up, it is obvious that the past is about to surface.

by Lee Morgan

Have you ever looked inside the animal mind? The trail veterinarian Lee Morgan tells the story of “The Last Great Race on Earth,” a thousand-mile race across the Alaskan wilderness, and the sledge dogs who are the main race drivers, their competitiveness, strength and the ability to risk injury, illness, and fatigue.


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