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Enchanted by the wonders of spring arrival, we lost the sense of time, and voilà - April is almost over but we still haven't showcased our TOP 5 of new April books. In hurry to correct this mistake, we present you what might be your best choice to read this month:

by Genevieve Wheeler

What might be seen as a love story in the beginning, this debut novel is more about mental health. A twenty-six-year-old Adelaide is an American living in London. Her life changes when she meets Rory, a charming Englishman, and decides he's the one. However, Rory is not responding in the same way, though Adelaide is convinced he does. When Rory is hit by an unexpected tragedy, Adelaide is ready to support him by giving herself till one day she has nothing left of herself anymore.

by Mary Higgins Clark

Who's not familiar with this Queen of Suspense and her biggest thriller Where Are the Children? Four decades later comes the sequel involving already grown-up Melisa and her brother Mike who on experience of their own abduction try to find Melissa's missing stepdaughter Riley. But don't plunge into this novel before you have read the first - original - one!

by Sarah Cypher

Another sweeping debut featuring a family saga. Betty is stillborn for a second till her heart begins to beat again and her skin turns into a permanent cobalt blue. On the same day Rummani's family soap factory in Palestine is destroyed during an air strike. Aunt Nuha believes that Betty will embody the sacred history of their family. Decades later Betty finds the notebooks written by Aunt Nuha which will not only reveal the aunt's life and family secrets but also help to make life decisions for Betty herself.

by Colleen Cambridge

What can be better than a murder mystery in the elegant post-war Paris? Tabitha arrives to Paris from Detroit to stay with her French grandfather and makes friends with her neighbor Julia. But one day they come back home only to know that there's a dead woman's body in the cellar, the one that Tabitha met at the party the night before. She is even more shocked when the police reveal that a note in Tabitha's handwriting was found in the dead woman's pocket. So Tabitha must take an effort and find the killer herself!

by Jonathan Kennedy

Non-fiction lovers should take a look at this study, which explores eight major outbreaks of infectious disease through six thousand years that shaped our modern world as it is. Kennedy challenges some of the most fundamental assumptions about our collective past by focusing on bacteria and viruses and makes an insight of a current historical change due to the latest disease-driven infection.


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