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Top 5 Of New April Books With Suspense And A Lot More

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April is usually considered a murder mystery month, at least in Scandinavian countries where Easter is the right time to delve into the fictional world of crime investigation. But it doesn't necessarily mean that other literary genres are to be exempt this month from the bookshelves and wiped from the kindles. Books always come in different sizes and plots, so if you feel it's time for you to engage into something extravagantly dramatic or to deepen your professional knowledge with some new business approach, just start reading whatever is your preference. We'll just put on offer our Top 5 of new April books to refresh your reading list:

by Jhumpa Lahiri

After nearly a decade a Pulitzer Prize winning author returns with her new novel, written in Italian and translated into English. At the centre of this novel is a woman who swings from belongingness to estrangement. She wonders the city and the reader follows her to the sites she visits: the pool, the train station, her work and "him". In a year she undergoes transformation, which changes her perspective.

by Paula McLain

If you have read the bestseller called The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, you will definitely love her new suspense novel about a female missing persons detective who tends to hide away from the world herself. After a family tragedy Anna Hart closes in a small village in the Northern California to grieve. But one day she hears that a local girl has gone missing, and suddenly the reminiscences of her own childhood here when a young girl was murdered but her case remained unsolved start to overwhelm her. So Anna becomes obsessed with the missing girl and has to find courage to find her.

by Catriona Silvey

Sometimes lives of certain people inter-twin in such a way that one cannot explain why and how it has happened. Unless you read this new novel about two people and one impossible choice. Thora and Santi are strangers who meet by chance. At once they recognize a close soul in each other, only their relationship to be cut short by an accident days later. However, this is only one of the many connections they share. In numerous lives they meet again in different roles but before their many lives come to the final end they have to discover the truth of their mysterious attachment.

by Carole Johnstone

We've told you that April was all about suspense and this haunting novel is yet another spooky thriller. Cat and El are twin sisters but Cat lives in Los Angeles, far away from a Gothic house in Edinburgh where they grew up. Meanwhile El has stayed in the house and now lives there with her husband until she mysteriously disappears sailing on her boat. Thus Cat has to come back to the house where she starts finding clues in almost every room, which should lead her to the truth...

by Anthony Bourdain

When the world is still difficult to travel around, a late curious traveller Anthony Bourdain for the final time will lead you to the fascinating places and will tell you the most important tips how to get there and what to do as well as what to avoid. To experience the world stronger, author's words are strengthened by the essays written by his family and friends as well as colourful illustrations. Such an easy way to prolong your armchair travels.


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