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Top 5 of New August Books To Prolong Your Summer

© Era Kan

No, summer is not over yet. Sunny days continue to caress you, even if you're already in the office trying to meet those damned deadlines. It's still on, if you're manage to find a happy hour on the sunset in your balcony with an engaging read in your hand. And with pages that carry you instantaneously away to the other worlds and other feelings. But if you're short of ideas how to get there, here is our Top 5 of new August books that might help you to still grab a grip on this summer:

by Sidik Fofana

This collection of eight interconnected short stories showcases an extraordinary talent of a debut writer. Bannekar Terrace is a low-income high-rise residential building in Harlem, and the book tells the stories of its residents worried about gentrification. There's Swan preoccupied about an upcoming release of his friend from prison, who might jeopardize his current life, there's Mimi who struggles to raise Swan's child alone, and there's Quanneisha, a former gymnast, who dreams of leaving these premises but can't escape them yet.

by Alice Feeney

The fans of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie might enjoy this new murder mystery version. Daisy Darker's entire family gathers to celebrate Nana's 80th birthday on a small island with a tide active for eight hours. At the midnight Nana is found dead, and an hour later another member of the family is found murdered. So the family has to hurry up and deal with their past and present mysteries to save themselves before the tide comes in.

Sarah Addison Allen

This book is a real gem - an enchanting tale full of magical realism and pure love. Zoey inherits her mother's condo on Mallow Island where she is staying till her school starts in fall. There she encounters unusual birds, the Dellawisps and meets her secretive neighbors: a girl on the run, two estranged sisters, a lonely chef, a legendary writer, and three ghosts. And by knowing Zoey their lives will be forever changed.

by Megan Goldin

This intriguing crime story will keep you turning pages till the very end. Liv wakes up in the back of the taxi having no idea how she got there. When she comes home a stranger forces her out claiming she is not living there and her phone is also missing. But instead she finds a bloodstained knife in her purse and a message scribbled on her hands - STAY AWAY. So Liv appears lost in New York City remembering nothing of past two years and running away from the murder she doesn't remember committing. And when she finally starts putting the pieces of her memory together, there's someone who'll do everything to make Liv forget what happened forever.

by Michael W. Twitty

For non-fiction lovers we recommend to delve into cultural studies and culinary innovations. This time it's the crossroads of the food and traditions of the African Atlantics and the global Jewish diaspora. And the question is not only who makes the food but how the food makes the people. Almost 50 recipes included.


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