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Top 5 Of New December Book Releases For Your Holiday Relax

Christmas madness is in the centre of its whirlpool, so it's seems it's too complicated just to breathe out with a cup of herbal tea by your side and forget everything in the world with a gripping story in your hands. But it might be worth trying. Especially when we have selected our TOP 5 of new December books for an easy-going reading during the merriest holidays of the year:

by Evie Rose

Holidays require something light and romantic. So this one is a bull's eye. When a severe boss catches his employee reading fiction at work, he doesn't sack her but asks to pretend to be his fiancée at an evening event. Where will this fake date lead both of them and will it be a happily-ever-after?

by Ariel Lawhon

If you add up history and mystery, you can get a very engaging historical crime story like this one. Based on midwife and healer Martha Ballard"s life and her diaries, it tells about a man found frozen in the Kennebec River, Maine, in 1789. Martha is summoned to examine the body. It belongs to one of the men who were accused of the rape in the town several months earlier. The local physician, despite Martha's observations, thinks the death is an accident, so Martha is determined to investigate this murder by herself.

by Rina Kent

MM college romance, especially if you have read the other books in the Legacy of Gods series, might be the perfect emotional stimulator for your holidays. The main character of the novel wasn't attracted to men until he ran into a mafia heir Nikolai. From this moment on his biggest worry is not to be noticed by Nikolai but to be wanted by this violent monster.

by Freida McFadden

An intense mystery thriller is the best way to relax. A newly-wed couple Tricia and Ethan are looking for the house and visit a remote mansion for this purpose. Once it belonged to a well-known psychiatrist Dr. Adrienne Hale who vanished without a trace four years ago. A sudden winter storm entraps the couple in the house, and Tricia, in search of a book to read, finds a secret room full of audio transcripts belonging to Dr. Hale patients. She starts going through them until the last cassette, which will reveal the horrifying truth.

by James Patterson

Even our non-fiction entry sounds not serious at all. So go ahead and read it during the holidays, in order to know what truly happens in Vegas to real people, both the newcomers and Las Vegas regulars. Full of adrenaline-fueled vice, celebrities and entertainment, the stories will definitely surprise and humour the reader.


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