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Top 5 Of New December Books For Your Christmas

Facing the final meters before the finish of your reading challenge? How many you have read this year? Actually, the quantity is not important at all, if only you have enjoyed the content. But if you are still looking for an inspiring or relaxing read, maybe our TOP 5 of new December books will help you to achieve your reading goals:

by Cormac McCarthy

For those who like deeper insights, the second volume of The Passenger series written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Road should lead to fulfillment. In 1972 twenty-year-old Alicia admits herself to the psychiatric hospital. Told through the transcripts of her psychiatric sessions, the story reveals Alicia's nature of madness, her childhood, her fears and hallucinations and her grieve for her brother Bobby.

by S.A. Cosby

This is not a new crime novel by S.A. Cosby but his debut being reissued. Though it only proves that it was really good and if you haven't read it yet, you've got a second chance. In a small Southern town a beloved local minister is found dead, and the parishioners ask Nathan Waymaker, a former marine and sheriff's deputy, to investigate his death. At first it seems an easy case but soon Nathan is forced to navigate the dark waters of small town to find out the truth.

by Sonali Dev

This one is a heartfelt novel well-fit for your Christmas holidays. Sixty-five-year-old Bindu inherits a million dollars and decides to buy a condo in a posh retirement community in Florida. This makes furious her daughter-in-law Aly who still lives with Bindu even after the divorce with her son. But maybe it's a necessary kick Aly needs to start making her own dreams come true. Meanwhile Aly's daughter Cullie is in panic because she has to present a dating site for investors but she has never been on a real date herself. Three generations join to live their vibrant lives at best.

by Terri Parlato

Want a page-turner? Here we go. A party is going on in Molly's house celebrating her husband Jay's fortieth birthday. It's a great party but next morning Molly discovers Jay dead with his throat slashed in his home office. Detective Rita Myers is convinced that someone from the party has murdered him. Molly and Rita will try to figure out who this killer is.

by Jenni Quilter

Non-fiction readers might take advantage of a personal experience of the author who has undergone in vitro fertilization. In her book she asks the questions about what it means to desire a child and what reproductive technologies actually offer. From 1978 when the first world's test-tube baby was born, reproductive technology has made a great progress but its potential still remains unrealized. The author tells her experience with an eye of a critic, noticing how we continue to prefer the "natural" over the artificial.


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