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Top 5 Of New February Books To Chase Winter Away

How much reading you can you do during the shortest month of the year? When you're probably distracted by lovely Valentine's day or amusing Mardi Gras. New February book releases might ignite your curiosity to look for a new reading experience, as they are really gripping and out-of-the-box:

by Jojo Moyes

The fans of this bestselling author of Me Before You should be excited to greet her new novel. Nisha was living a glamorous and rich life until her husband divorced her and left her penniless. But she is determined to maintain her status, despite the fact that she's even lost her Louboutins in the gym. Actually it was Sam who accidentally took her bag and forgot about it struggling to keep her family afloat. But when she finally tries the shoes on, Sam suddenly feels a gulp of self-confidence rushing in and understands that to change her family situation, she has to start from herself.

by Rebecca Makkai

The media has named this novel by the Pulitzer Prize winner the most anticipated book of the year. A successful film producer Bodie Kane has experienced her roommate Thalia's murder during her teenage years at the New Hampshire boarding school. School's athletic trainer has been convicted for the murder but the discussions are still going on whether he did it. When Bodie returns to teach a course in the school, she is forced to fall into the rabbit hole she tried so much to avoid and to remember something that perhaps could help to solve the case.

by Jennifer Savran Kelly

This novel should appeal to readers of queer, nonbinary and trans fiction or any other reader who likes an emotional story. Dawn works at the Met as a bookbinder and feels stuck as an artist and as a human being forced to act as a female at work and more like a man in her relationship with her boyfriend. One day Dawn finds a love letter behind the endpaper of the old book and becomes obsessed with tracking down its author. This search for a stranger turns into a search for herself.

by Rupert Holmes

The title is more than intriguing, so welcome to the McMasters Conservatory for the Applied Arts where you will master the art of murder. However, to be admitted you have to have an ethical reason for killing someone who really deserves to die. Even the students don't know the location of this particular school. And you can guess that the graduation thesis is nothing else than getting away with murder.

by Michael Schulman

With the 95th Oscars approaching, it's probably a high time to find out more about these Academy Awards. From the beginning in 1929 Oscars became the battlefield igniting dramas big and small. Michael Schulman unfold the history of the Academy Awards by deep diving in particular years, categories or conflicts and featuring people who had an impact on the changes for the Academy and movies themselves.


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