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Top 5 Of New July Books For The Holidays Of Your Dreams

This gradually becomes unbearable when your friends keep uploading fancy stories of their holidays in paradise with lots of sun, deep blue see, cocktails on the beach and other all inclusive stuff, meanwhile you are still stuck at the office in front of the annoying computer screen with never-ending reports and tasks. The holiday season approaches its peak and your mind starts plotting the big escape, no matter how busy you are. Our best case scenario equals to lazy days on the beach, with salt water dripping from hair tips and onto a page of the book our eyes are focused on. But we don't care, as nothing else exists at this moment: only the mute sentences piercing the mind and a calming buzz of the sea. Oh, wait, there's just one tricky detail - you have to have what to read. Our reading list for these holidays is already complete. What about yours? If you still searching for the right title with the right content, check our Top 5 of new July books:

by Rachel Yoder

This debut novel will make you not only laugh but also howl because it is a story of a woman who thinks she is turning into a dog. This woman puts aside her art career to raise her newborn son. Two years later while still staying at home she discovers a patch of hair on the back of her neck and her canines seem to be sharper. Trying to keep her changes in secret, she tries to look for a cure at the library and finds a book A Field Guide to Magical Women: A Mythical Ethnography, which becomes her bible.

by B.A. Paris

The fans of Behind Closed Doors and The Dilemma should be happy to know that their beloved author has served another psychological suspense novel about the house with a shocking secret. Alice and Leo move to the community of exclusive houses and think that their dream came true. But soon Alice discovers that there's a secret hiding in their house involving Nina, the therapist who lived there before them. Alice tries to find out what really happened at the house but all neighbors seem to be hiding something...

by Miranda Cowley Heller

If you are looking for a "nice" emotional novel, definitely grab this one. A fifty-year-old Elly has a different morning at her family summer house this year because last night she made love to her old friend Jonas while their spouses were chatting inside. So now she has to decide whether to continue her live with her husband Peter or to start another, which she always imagined with her childhood love Jonas. And the book will carry on to Ellie's decision with all its complexity.

by T.J. Newman

The book you better not read on the plane! Imagine you are on the flight to New York with other one hundred and forty-three passengers. It should be a smooth flight, only you don't know that a half an hour ago the pilot's family was kidnapped and they can only survive, if the pilot crashes the plane. What about such a flight? Be prepared for plot twists and adrenaline rush.

by Sophia Benoit

If the Vogue loved it and called it "charming and often laugh-out-loud funny", probably it's worth putting into your beach basket, too. Written as memoirs in the form of essays, this book follows the formative years of the Bustle columnist Sophia Benoit with all her misfortunes and absurdities when you care too much and try too hard.


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