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Top 5 Of New July Books To Read Now Or Later

Summertime and there's so much to do, so don't worry if reading is not one of the things on your priority list, although you have sworn to yourself to dedicate your leisure time to this pile on your coffee table. And instantly forgot. The advantage of books is that it's never too late to read them, therefore, just take a peek into our Top 5 of new July books and save your favourites to the sunny afternoon on the beach.

by Ruth Madievsky

If you're looking for something different, or perhaps psychedelic à la David Lynch, try this debut novel. An unnamed narrator is in a very toxic relationship with her sister Debbie. When one night she follows Debby to the LA bar, they take in some pills and have a wild night as usual, only Debbie disappears for good afterwards. Still hesitating whether look out for her sister or burry her in the past, the narrator gets a job as an emergency room secretary, starts to steal pills to sell them on the side and delves into the whirlpool of obscure relations, sex, drugs and mysticism.

by Colson Whitehead

For those who have read Harlem Shuffle, the first book in the Harlem trilogy, and enjoyed it, here's the second one. The double Pulitzer Prize winner continues with the criminal New York of the 70s featuring his main character Ray Carney, a furniture store owner and ex-fence whose days of moving stolen goods around the city are over. But it's always something going on in Harlem for Ray and his violent partner in crime Pepper who are forced to navigate in this multi-layered cruel and corrupted metropolis.

by Terah Shelton Harris

This one is for a complicated romance lovers. Sara left Savannah eight years ago after a sexual assault which resulted into a birth of her daughter Alana. She intended to be away forever but her father got ill and Sara was forced to return to Savannah and take over her father's bookstore. Simultaneously Sara tries to protect her daughter from the Wylers, as their son is in prison for what he did to her. But he has a twin brother Jacob who has also returned back to piece the Wyler family together, and there's no way Sara and Jacob won't meet.

by Shari Lapena

Want just some suburban thriller suspense? Dr. Wooler comes home just after breaking with his mistress and finds his daughter Avery alone. After she smarts him off, he backhands Avery in the face and leaves. Soon his wife calls him worried that their daughter is missing. Is Dr. Wooler responsible? It's difficult to decide when everybody around is lying. So wait for a twisted and creepy ending!

by Gloria Dickie

Non-fiction fans might be tempted to explore the eight remaining species of bears. Journalist Gloria Dickie travels the world to investigate each bear's story from the Andes to the Arctic, from India to the Rocky Mountains West. By telling about those beautiful mammals, what they are experiencing due to climate change and increasing human population, the author reveals what dangers they face and what we risk to lose if we don't learn to live alongside.


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