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TOP 5 Of New June Books For Your Summer Reading List

Have you already prepared your summer reading list? The one you'll start to shorten right after June is over because your ambitions proved to be overfilling once again. Does it happen to you that summer readings turn into fall or Christmas entertainment? Or are you the one who always reads what was picked for the holiday season? But if you're not a fearless supporter of the reading lists, just take a look at our TOP 5 of new June books and choose the next one for your relaxing summer evening:

by Lisa Taddeo

Her nonfiction bestseller Three Women was a real masterpiece and now Lisa Taddeo debuts as a novel writer. This time she picks a female rage to focus on. Joan has been experiencing the cruel acts of men throughout her life. When a man shoots himself in front of her, she escapes New York to find Alice, the only person who can help her to deal with her past. And there Joan will remember the horrific event that she witnessed being a child and which actually triggered her transformation from prey into predator.

by Alex Michaelides

If you enjoyed The Silent Patient, you'll be tempted to try another crime novel by the same author. A handsome Greek Tragedy professor Edward Fosca is loved by students and by staff, and especially by a secret female student society The Maidens. But a group therapist Mariana is convinced that Fosca is a murderer after a student is found dead in Cambridge. When Mariana hears about a second body, her obsession with Fosca gets out of hand but she is determined to find the killer, even despite the danger of losing her own life.

by Marianne Cronin

If you're looking for a tender and heart-warming read, this novel is just right for you. A seventeen-year-old Lenni is terminally ill and passes her days at the hospital. To brighten her days she joins an art class where she meets an eighty-three-year-old Margot who is staying in the next ward. Instantly they make a bond and start painting their life stories, soon realizing that their lives together make a full century - one hundred years.

by Laura Lippman

This productive bestselling crime writer offers her new suspense novel. After a serious injury a novelist Gerry Andersen is trapped in bed in his apartment isolated from the outside world. Step by step he starts being afraid that he is losing his grip on reality, as strange telephone calls begin to haunt him, in which the main character of his novel Dream Girl promises to come to see him. But nobody has heard these calls and there's no record about them on a call log. But this is only the beginning of troubles for Gerry because one morning he wakes up next to a dead body...

by Luke Burgis

Have you heard of Girard's mimetic desire? It explores human desire and states that we don't want anything independently - we just imitate what others want. Luke Burgis in his new nonfiction study analyzes why we want what we want and how we can escape this intentional wanting by desiring differently because we can control what we want and break free of trends and popular wishes.


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