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Top 5 of New June Books To Take With You On Holidays

June is the month full of waiting. Waiting for summer holidays finally to happen. Holidays shaped in your favourite style but undoubtfully with a book in your travelling bag. Some of you have a summer reading list ready in advance but there are those who always seek for recommendations, and we are more than willing to present you our TOP 5 of new June books you can definitely take with you on your summer ride:

by Adrienne Brodeur

Why not try a complicated family fiction? Adam, a brilliant oceanographer but also a bipolar person, is approaching his seventieth birthday. He has raised his two children Abby and Ken all by himself after his wife died giving birth to Abby. The siblings used to be very close but now their relationship is rather strained, and Abby is hiding a secret from Ken. Meanwhile determined to make his last scientific breakthrough Adam stops taking his pills, and a Boston police officer Steph makes a discovery tying her somehow to the above mentioned family. So will the awaited birthday party be happy one?

by S. A. Cosby

How about an intricately plotted murder mystery? A former FBI agent Titus Crowne becomes the first black sheriff in one of the counties in Virginia. Soon afterwards he is summoned to the shooting at a local school: a beloved teacher is killed by a former black student who in turn is shot on site by the police. But the revelations discovered after this drama point to an unknown serial killer in town. When more people are murdered Titus and his team are forced to stop him before it's too late.

by Deborah Levy

Bring some surreal moments to your life by reading this book. Elsa, a former child prodigy, is a burnout pianist. That is why she messes up her concert and starts travelling around Europe by giving private piano lessons to children. One day in Athene's market Elsa encounters a woman who buys two wooden horses. Elsa is sure this woman is her living double. While travelling she meets this woman again and again until she becomes a true Elsa's obsession. Is the woman real or just an outcome of Elsa's imagination?

by Riley Sager

Ready for a dark Gothic thriller? In 1983 a caretaker Kit is summoned to Hope's End to look after an old disabled Lenora after her previous caretaker Mary vanishes without a trace. In 1929 the house has undergone a chilling history when the Hope family was murdered, except Lenora who was actually thought to have stabbed her mother and father and hanged her sister. But it was never proved, though the whole town was more than sure. Kim herself was also accused of killing her mother, though she claims she's innocent like Lenora. But in this story you can trust no one!

by Ken Jennings

Travel guides are popular with a holiday season but this one is special because you won't be able to use it until you die. Ken Jennings is describing journeys through the afterlife and pinpointing 100 afterlife destinations carefully selected from over 5000 years of human history dreamed up by the greatest poets, philosophers, prophets, artists, song writers, video games or even Simpsons episodes. So feel free to make your own bucket list before you ready to go.


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