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Top 5 Of New March Books

If we had to make our typical reading list, it would consist of a couple of recent award winning novels, a bunch of thrilling page-turning murder mysteries and thrillers, a duo of deeply emotional contemporary stories, a literary gap-filling classical novel, a pair of the best literary debuts of the year, and the most educative applied non-fiction. And there would always be supplementary lists, as the world of books is growing its population in thousands every day. Need a hint to fill in yours? Here's our TOP 5 of new March books:

by Patricia Engel

This is a story of two countries and one family. Mauro and Elena meet in Bogota when they are still teenagers and fall in love. But life is not easy in Colombia and with the birth of their first child the couple decides to emigrate to the United States. When their tourist visas expire, the young family has to live in a constant threat of discovery. Unfortunately, Mauro is finally deported, and Elena, now caring for already three children, must make a heartbreaking choice.

by Alex Finlay

Keen on a gripping psychological thriller? This debut novel will make you turn the pages. Matt Pine returns home after the party only to discover the news that his family - his mother, father, little brother and sister - has been found dead from a gas leak during their vacation in Mexico. But the Pine family appears in the media highlights not for the first time. Matt's older brother is now serving a sentence for the murder of his girlfriend, though he claims he was wrongly accused. When Matt returns to his home town to bury his family, suddenly those two cases start to look suspicious and interconnected, and Matt has to find the truth by himself.

by Viet Thanh Nguyen

Finally there's a new novel by one of the best contemporary writers in America. The Sympathizer arrives in Paris as a refugee and soon becomes involved in drug dealing. Soon he assimilates into a dominant culture and mixes with left-wing intellectuals and politicians at the parties where he finds his customers. But a new life, distant from physical pains, has new dangers, new commitments and new betrayals.

by Carola Lovering

Which version of the truth is the real one? This novel presents even three. Skye is so excited when her boyfriend Burke proposes to her. Burke is older and more mature than Skye but he isn't the one he claims to be. Actually he is already married and needs Skye for his own purposes. Meanwhile the story set thirty years ago presents a young Heather who wants to brake up with Burke, a local bad boy. And thus the story makes a plot twist you wouldn't have expected.

by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

This month's non-fiction publication is referred to fear-fighting. The best-selling author who once was afraid to call herself a writer, tries to assist her readers to become professional troublemakers - the people who don't let fear talk them out of doing or saying things they want. She teaches what we must get right in ourselves before we can fight our fears and live boldly.


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