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Top 5 Of New May Books For Those Who Still Are Obssessed With Reading

What are you reading this month? Or perhaps the question should be reshaped into the following: are you still reading at all when days grow longer, sun is brighter and wish to stay outdoors becomes stronger? No time for reading when open terraces invite for a glass of wine and a light afternoon chat with a friend or a sunny weekend lures to organize a gourmet barbecue with your closest meat lovers. But if you are a true book worm, you'll find a minute for reading even in between the floppings of a stake or a piece of cheese on a grill. Because the rising smoke and a rustle of pages are more than compatible. Because your desire to start a new book (even though you have just started another) beats everything else. And don't tell us that this never happens because it really does. And probably you'll have five more titles to dream about with our Top 5 of new May books:

by Steven Rowley

The bestselling author Steven Rowley comes back with a new heartwarming novel about a gay uncle forced to take care of his niece and nephew. Patrick is a gay sitcom star who is asked to become a primary guardian for Maisie and Grant, the children of his brother, after their mother suddenly dies and his brother is deep in a health crisis. Though Patrick loves his niece and nephew, he soon realizes that his former lifestyle has been totally unsuited to taking responsibility of six and nine-year olds.

by Mary Kubica

Welcome to the world of suspense with the highest level of domestic secrets. A woman goes missing in a respectable community. Soon another woman disappears in the same neighborhood together with her six-year-old daughter Delilah. Investigation of these cases leads to nowhere and the case goes cold. But after eleven years Delilah returns and everyone wants to know what happened...

by Eric Nguyen

This debut novel tells about the attempts of an immigrant Vietnamese family to stay together and remain connected in the USA. Huong comes to New Orleans with her two sons while her husband Cong stays back in Vietnam. She begins to settle in her new home believing that soon they will be reunited with her husband and will raise their children together. But as time passes Huong realizes that she will never see her husband again and their new life in a new country is going to tear her whole family apart.

by Mia P. Manansala

Start following the new series of Tita Rosie's Kitchen mysteries! Lila comes back to save her Tita Rosie's restaurant after a breakup with her boyfriend. But soon her ex-boyfriend who is a notorious food critic is found dead directly after confrontation with Lila. Naturally, she becomes a prime suspect in the case and is left with no choice but to find the killer herself.

by Daniel Kahneman

In our non-fiction section this month we present a book on why most people make bad judgements. We might make particular decisions depending on whether it is Monday or Saturday, morning or evening, etc. This is called noise and the book shows how it might contribute to errors in all professional fields, including law, medicine, food, safety, staff selection and others.


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