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TOP 5 Of New November Books

How do you consider your reading to be really good? Today we have come up with a new indicator. If all you can think of at work - despite tightening project deadlines, burning business discussions or a scary one-to-one with your boss - is the next chapter of your book, to which you'd like to hurry up immediately, then this is it - a wonderful read, a masterpiece, a diamond in the ashes. Such persistent feeling isn't common but is definitely real. And if you haven't felt it yet, maybe our October Top 5 of new books could be an inspiration.

by David Hopen

Introducing a debut novel about a young Jewish student who together with a group of other students are prompted to test their religion in unconventional ways. Ari moves to Miami suburb from the ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn. Enrolled into Jewish academy, he not only finds new wealthy friends but also a charismatic rabbi who influences the group's secret desires to push moral boundaries and to re-invent the traditions of their faith.

by Anthony Horowitz

Keen on vintage English crime story à la Agatha Christie? Here's the second Susan Ryeland, a retired publisher's, investigation. Susan is running now a small hotel on a Greek island but is beginning to miss London. Then the family that stays at her hotel tells a story about a murder that took place on the same day and in the same venue as their daughter's wedding. Moreover, their daughter is now missing. So Susan has no doubt she has to return to England and solve this mystery.

by Megan Hunter

Yet another infidelity story, however truly contemporary, they say. Lucy and Jake are a happy family until one day a man calls her and spills out that his wife is having an affair with Jake. Unlike a common divorce situation, Lucy and Jake decide to stay together but they make a special arrangement - Lucy can hurt him three times. Will this awake a hidden harpy in Lucy?

by Michael Connelly

A bestselling author returns with his famous lawyer Mickey Haller. Only this time Mickey will be forced to take himself as a client when a police stops him to find a body in the trunk of his car. He is charged with murder and must build his defense from his prison cell with a help of his trusted team in order to find out who has plotted to destroy his life and his career and why.

by Shaun Bythell

We often consider ourselves as the readers but have you heard that you have been cataloged by a certain owner of a bookshop? This non-fiction reading features Shaun Bythell and his witty division of his bookstore visitors. If you'd like to know whether you're the Expert, the Occultist, the Loiterer, the Not-So-Silent-Traveller or perhaps the Perfect Customer, take a look at this one of the funniest books about books.

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