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Top 5 of New September Books For A Literary Deep-Dive

When autumn comes, do you change the type of books you are reading? From intensive criminal plot or silly happy-ending love stories to complex mix-feeling dramas full of nostalgia and hopelessness? There are people who do because autumn seems so much appropriate to involve oneself into a deep-dive reading. New September books we are about to showcase might be a bull's eye choice for such literary experience, so take a thorough glance at our TOP 5:

The author of a worldwide bestseller Normal People comes back with a long-awaited new novel. It circles around four young people - Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon. Alice and Eileen are old friends from their study times. Therefore, a half of the novel is written in the form of letters to one another. Alice is a famous writer who returns to a rural Ireland after a nervous breakdown and tries to develop a new relationship with a local guy Felix whom she meets at Tinder. Eileen is stuck at her trivial editing role at a small literary magazine in Dublin. She has just broken up with her boyfriend but there's Simon, her friend from childhood, who is still single and always around. Only none of them dare to try to be happy...

It's a bit strange to feature Colson Whitehead in the category of mystery and thriller but actually this time a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner presents a crime and gangster story, which takes place in Harlem in the 60s. Ray Carney is a decent family man and a local salesman of furniture. But only few people know that he comes from uptown crooks. And his past soon becomes a dangerous present, and the double life becomes no option. Can Ray stay alive, grab his big share and maintain his salesman's reputation? The writer beautifully restores the atmosphere of New York City in the 60s through a criminal family saga.

Another wonderful novel from another Pulitzer Prize winner, which has already been shortlisted for 2021 Booker Prize. The astrobiologist Theo Byrne searches for life throughout the cosmos and after his wife's death raises alone his son Ray. Although Ray is a kind boy who likes to paint endangered animals, he is about to be expelled from the school for punching his friend's face. As his son grows more troubled, Theo earns of an experimental neurofeedback treatment that involves training the boy on the recorded patterns of his mother’s brain.

For those always in search of a gripping murder mystery, here's the right one. The Delaney family is well respected and envied in their community. The parents Stan and Joy ran a tennis academy for fifty years and their four children were tennis stars in their own right. One night a stranger called Savannah knocks on Stan and Joy's door after the fight with her boyfriend. Right after that Joy goes missing as well as Savannah, and police starts questioning Stan who claims to be innocent but evidently has something to hide. Two Delaney children think that their father is innocent and two others have their doubts, and soon the whole family history will come up in a rather new light.

Our non-fiction part of TOP 5 offers you a study that will get you acquainted with your immune system, which actually is almost vital to get to know in our modern Covid world. Philipp Dettmer, the principle man behind the most popular science channel on YouTube, explicitly explains how your immune system is functioning every day and even while you are reading his book. From the facts what happens in the wound when you cut yourself to explanations how viruses work and why boosting your immune system is nonsense, the author will turn this specific study into a gripping adventure.


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