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Top 5 Of Our New August Books To Save For Later

These were rather weird holidays. So much travelling (mission easily possible with your vaccines in place), so many new places, so many meetings with dear people, even plenty of sunshine and salty sea water but just a couple of books read from our summer reading list. Perhaps it was the fatigue to blame when steering blindly at the sea has been the most preferred option for relaxation. Anyways, the pages left unread still reproachfully remind us that there're long autumn nights ahead to eliminate the backlog. Therefore, it's not too late to present our TOP 5 of new August books, as it's obviously never too late to read.

by Sara Nisha Adams

This novel will provide you not only with a heart-warming story but also with a valuable reading list. Widower Mukesh lives quietly after his wife's death but he is not alone - his teenage granddaughter Aleisha lives together, only she spends more time with the books than her granddad. Working at a local library during summer she finds a piece of paper in the back of To Kill a Mockingbird. It appears to be a list of the novels she has never read and she decides to read all books from the list and exchange her complicated reality with an imaginary world of literature. Aleisha also passes the list to Mukesh in hope that reading might bring them closer and heal the lonely souls.

by Paula Hawkins

The author of the bestseller The Girl On The Train comes back with another murder mystery. A young man is found murdered in a houseboat in London. Three women in connection to him are the prime suspects. Laura was seen the last at the victim's house after a one-night-stand. Laura is his aunt grieving for the loss of another family member. Miriam is his nosy neighbour hiding the secrets of her own. And all three are full of resentment and revenge. Which of them couldn't take any more and exploded?

by Charlotte McConaghy

If you have read the author's Migrations, you'll love her new novel as well (if not, we recommend to read both). A new novel is set in the wild Scottish Highlands to where Inti Flynn, a leading biologist, brings fourteen gray wolves. She transfers from Alaska together with her twin sister Aggie and the secrets and harm witnessed they both left behind. Being a complicated character, Inti is not easy to let someone into her life, except the wild and its creatures. But gradually she lowers her guard, attempting to let a human love into her heart. Only one day a local farmer is found dead and Inti is perfectly aware who the town will consider responsible...

by Catherine Ryan Howard

COVID books are coming to the shelves! This one was written last year and deals with a current reality. 56 days ago Clara and Oliver met at the supermarket in Dublin. 35 days ago a lockdown made them impulsively decide to stay together at Oliver's apartment. Now there's a decomposing body discovered at Oliver's place by the police. What has happened and was a COVID lockdown a perfect opportunity to commit a crime?

by Matt Siegel

Our non-fiction section serves food that we all know and love but have no idea about the history that surrounds it. Why we try to hurt ourselves by eating hot peppers? Is a classic American apple pie actually English? Or did ice cream really help defeat the Nazis? This funny and entertaining book will enlighten you about the food that is typically around us and will help to separate the myth from the reality. Bon Appétit!


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