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When To Expect The Naming Of Last Year's Cinematic Bests

The beginning of the year for film lovers always turns into an exciting waiting for a number of cinematic award ceremonies. Who's going to be the best of the year - this discussion has already started and will continue untill the very annoucement ceremony.

So to satisfy your curiosity on when the impatient waiting will be finally over, we'll presenting you with a timeline of the most prestigious cinema awards held in the start of 2024:




BAFTA Film Awards

January 18

February 18

Screen Actors Guild Awards

January 10

February 24

Academy Awards (Oscars)

January 23

March 10

During this award period Europe will also experience one of its most popular cinematic events of the year - Berlin International Film Festival. The 74th Berlinale will take place on February 15-25, and we'll be definitely keeping it on our sportlight.

Have you placed your bets already?


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