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Make It An Irish Week

This week all Irish people of the world will celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You're all welcome to join green-coloured parades on the streets of Dublin, London, New York, Chicago or elsewhere. But why not make a real Irish atmosphere at home?

We have chosen seven Irish movies for each day of this week for you to watch at home. Here are they:


There is no better way than to finish your gloomy Monday with a good old Irish comedy. Directed by Kirk Jones, Waking Ned Devine tells a story that takes place in a small Irish town where Ned Devine wins a national lottery and dies staight away from the shock. But the town people can't lose such big money and start pretending that Ned is still alive for the lottery authorities.

Tuesday night is perfect for a drama. A retired boxer John Wayne returns back to his native Irish village. Here he buys a house where he was born and persuits a life of tranquility. However, John falls in love with a sister of his local enemy...

True life story would be the one you're looking for on Wednesday evening. The film directed by Jim Sheridan tells a story of four people falsely convicted of the 1974 IRA's Guildford pub bombings, which killed four off-duty British soldiers and a civilian. When under police pressure Garry confesses of commiting this crime, his farther is arrested, too. Is there still a chance for a true justice? Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Emma Thompson.

Strict Irish convictions towards young lady behaviour in the 60s resulted in disastrous lifes of many young women behind asylum walls. Let's face it on this Thursday night. Four teenage girls considered "fallen" by their families or caretakers are sent to Magdalene Sisters Asylum to be redeemed. However, they meet only cruelty, humiliation and no mercy. After watching the movie, former Magdalene inmate Mary-Jo McDonagh told the director that the reality of the Magdalene Asylums was much worse than depicted in the film.

Friday is for love and music. Therefore, a lovely musical drama by John Carney will cheer you up and carry away with a dose of romantic songs. A young busker meets a Czech flower seller on the street of Dublin. It appears that she's a musician, too. They communicate by means of songs but this partnership in music is not meant to grow into another kind of relationship, as everybody would expect...

Alan Parker comedy-drama should visit you on a Saturday night. Jimmy Rabbitte lives in Dublin but thinks about managing a soul band. He organizes the auditions at his parents' house and forms a band, just unlike the soul bands in America, all Jimmy band's members are white. Are they going to succeed?

Wrap-up the week with something very Irish. Michael Collins about the famous Irish revolutionary figure would fit most. Starring Liam Neeson as Michael Collins the movie goes back to the times of Irish Civil War. Fights with UK army, political disagreements among the allies, and finally betrayal and ambush - these are all inevitable parts of a historical biopic.

Have a nice Irish week!

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