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Light As Spring Top 5 Of New April Books

Reading in April comes naturally with a childishly exciting desire to store more of a gripping story inside of you. Thus, our Top 5 of recommended new April books also consists of rather easy-going pleasure-giving novels, which, we have no doubt, will compliment your imagination of this revival season.

by Ruth Reichl

After reading this new novel, you'll definitely be impatient to go to Paris. After the death of her estranged mother, Stella receives a one-way ticket to Paris. Stella is a person of order and routine, thus she tries to continue living the same life in Paris until one day, on the spur of the moment, she buys a vintage Dior dress and starts her adventure of food, art and fashion.

by Megan Miranda

There's another mystery thriller from the bestselling author. When Hazel inherits her childhood home, she is forced to come back to her native town that she left a decade ago. When she returns, the draught drains the lake exposing the secrets long buried as well as the evidence that might explain a mysterious Hazel mother's disappearance.

by Holly Gramazio

Make your reading cheerful with the following debut writer's idea. One night Lauren returns home and is greeted at the door by her husband Michael. What's so funny? The thing is that Lauren doesn't have a husband! Although the photos on her phone and even her friends tell otherwise. Meantime Michael goes to the attic to the change the lightbulb and disappears. But Lauren finds another husband and a slightly another life instead. Soon she realizes that it's the attic that supplies her with the husbands but how to chose the right life with a right one when there exists such a world of never-ending options?

by Sally Hepworth

Looking for secrets, love and murder? Here you go. Three foster sisters Jessica, Norah and Alicia were thought to be lucky to be raised by their foster mother Miss Fairchild. But Miss Fairchild had rules and unexpected ideas. Finally all three managed to break free from Miss Fairchild but one day a body was discovered under the house they grew up, turning all three foster sisters into key witnesses... or, perhaps, prime suspects?

by Salman Rushdie

For nonfiction lovers, April offers an account by the internationally renowned writer on the murder attempt against him in 2022. Rushdie relives the traumatic events of that day when a man in black attacked him while lecturing at the Chautauqua Institution, as the fatwa ordered against him thirty years ago is till valid. The writer also tells about his recovery and the people who helped him heal.


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