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May Publications On The Spot

New month - new books. May brings a bunch of new releases for engaging reading. To facilitate your choice, we've selected five books, which would definitely find a way to your reading shortlist. Enjoy a blossoming spring with a literary touch!

by Martin Seay

Remember David Mitchell and his Cloud Atlas? The debut novel by Martin Seay keeps up the same tradition of twisting plot throughout different epochs with an unexpected tie revealed only in the end. This thriller takes place in three Venices - the original one in Italy, Venice Beach, California, and Venice casino in Las Vegas. Starting in the sixteenth century, the story travels to the modern ages, from the invention of Venetian mirror to binding secrets and schemes of today.

by Camille Perri

This easy to read novel is dedicated to all executive assistants. If you've ever asked yourself How is it that after all these years, we are still assistants?, reading of this debut novel is a must. Tina Fontana is a thirty-year old executive assistant to the large corporation CEO. While praised by her boss for an excellent work, she feels bored and unhappy with her stand-still career perspectives. When an opportunity occurs to play outside the rules, Tina has to make a decision to cheat or not to cheat...

by Vincent Di Maio, Ron Franscell

This is not a fiction but a realistic reflection of 40 years of work as a pathologist. Di Maio, a famous US forensic scientist, and crime writer Ron Franscell open the morgue door for the readers, telling about the resonant cases in US crime history, spicing them with anecdotes and macabre details. Recommended for all real crime story fans.

by Louise Erdrich

The novel is for those who is interested in the roots of Native American culture. The plot is rather tragic from the very beginning. Landreaux Iron aims for a deer but accidentally shoots a five-year-old son of his neighbor and friend. Following Ojibwe tribe tradition, as a reparation, he gives his own five-year-old son LaRose to the grieving family. Will this unthinkable, though honorable gesture compensate the loss and heal the wounds?

by Noah Hawley

Thriller and crime story lovers will enjoy it. A complicated intertwined plot won't let you leave the novel until the very end. Eleven people start their journey on a plane from Martha's Vineyard for New York. Sixteen minutes later the plane crashes into the ocean. There are only two survivors: a painter and a four-year-old boy. Who were the other passengers? At a first glance, they were strangers but soon new discoveries reveal the chance of conspiracy.

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