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Top 5 August Books For Your Holiday Bag

What to read on the last month of the running away summer? Probably something romantic, mischievous and smart. Or maybe not. It's always up to you. But if you still enjoy refreshing sea waves and golden sand beaches, check out our Top 5 of new August publications.

by Imbolo Mbue

This is the story about the immigrant family from Cameroon trying to accomplish their American Dream. Jende Jonga gets a job as a chauffeur for a senior executive from Lehman Brothers and it all looks going upward.Yet it is 2007 and now we know in advance what to predict. In order to secure his family's brighter future, Jende is prepared to protect his boss, even though it threatens to destroy his own family. Will he agree to make a rather impossible choice?

by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is a well-known crime story author and her every new novel is more than welcome. Shaw Kinnard has a task to kill a businesswoman Jordie but he changes his mind and abducts her instead. Shaw is after her brother who stole 30 million dollars. However, he's not the only one looking for the brother. Thus Shaw and Jordie are forced to make an awkward and unreliable pair to stay alive with all possible twists of the plot.

by Jay McInerney

It's a last book in Jay McInerney's trilogy following Brightness Falls and The Good Life. Russell and Corrine Calloway lead a perfect live in New York. An independent publisher and a compassionate helper of the poor follow their routine of parties and charity events. Until Corrine unexpectedly meets a man with whom she had an ill-fated affair before. All of a sudden it all begins to change: the world (encountering the economic downturn) and the life of the once happy Calloways...

by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton

When #1 New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-winning writer join forces, there's nothing else to expect but a gripping series of new thrillers.The series feature a new pair of opposite characters: an introverted but brilliant and rich Emerson Knight and an aggressive Harvard Business and Harvard Law graduate Riley Moon. It all starts with just an attempt to trace the missing funds in Knight's bank account but it unfolds up to the far greater evil plan.

by Luke Dittrich

No fiction, just facts and journalistic investigation. Those who are interested in history of brain science are definitely familiar with Patient H. M., the amnesic who has been studied and researched the most. Luke Dittrich is the grandson of the surgeon who operated this 27 year old factory worker Henry Molaison aka Patient H. M. The operation failed and its outcomes featured yet another side effect - incapacity to create long-term memories. The book navigates through many historical facts revealing terrible human experiments in order to understand ourselves.

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