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Top 5 May Books To Enjoy In The Open

May is in bloom outside and finally book reading may find its new location in the gardens, parks or under a roofed terrace, with legs stretched on a comfy armchair or with your palms under a chin lying on a soft piece of cloth. No wonder that this rebirth of the nature fosters to look for new releases in the book market. And here's, as usual, our TOP 5 new publications for you to get a clue:

by Gail Honeyman

This novel is about Eleonor Oliphant who avoids social interactions and leads a life of a loner neatly put into timetabled boxes. Until she meets Raymond, a big-hearted IT guy from her office who sticks neither to hygienic standards nor to any timetables. After two of them rescue a senior gentleman Sammy, all three become friends who save each other from loneliness and isolation. And Eleonor is ready to break her old routine to open for friendship and even love...

by Paula Hawkins

Still remember the page-turning shuffle of The Girl On The Train? Look it up for more, as Paula Hawkins returns with her new thriller. This time it's a sinister river running through the town where bodies of women keep floating up. The recent one is a single mother who leaves a fifteen year old daughter on her own. Her aunt comes back to the town to look after her. But there were times when she swore she'd never come back here again...

by Lisa Ko

Deming is eleven year old when his mother, a Chinese immigrant, leaves for her job in a nail salon and never comes back. He is adopted by the family of two white professors and taken from his environment. Moreover, his name is even changed to sound more American - Daniel Wilkinson. But how he's going to forget everything he once loved and the community he was taken away?

by Edan Lepucki

Ready for some sexy noir? Then hop onto posh Hollywood Hills. Lady Daniels is a writer working on her memoirs but it happens that she's on the break with her husband and looks for somebody to look after her toddler and a teenage sons while she plunges into the world of writing. The person who answers the help call is a mysterious S., a young artist who perfectly deals with her every day household activities. But there's something dangerous going on between S and Lady's teenage son as well as between S and Lady Daniels herself...

by Kyle Cassidy, Ronald Rice, Richard Russo, Emily St. John Mandel

Have you ever thought what a librarian looks like and what kind of person works among tons of books? Well, this book pays a tribute to this marvelous profession. Almost 220 librarians are photographed and share their own thought of what it's like to be a librarian. And you'll certainly see that they're not necessarily look like your imaginary one. The book also includes the original essays by famous writers and journalists and features the most prominent librarians.

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