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TOP 5 February Books For Your Cold Winter Nights

Thanks to predictions of the famous groundhog Phil, we're about to experience six more weeks of cold and stubborn winter. Positive news to all book lovers who have guaranteed additional time for cozy page turning evenings with a hot herb tea and a cookie. Because if Phil is right, you're not going to poke your nose out anyway. So carry on reading and take a glance at out TOP 5 new books published in February, which includes all types of literary genre to satisfy your taste.

by Akwaeke Emezi

This is a debut novel about a person with a fractured self. The story is narrated by various selves of Ada, an African girl born in Nigeria. From her birth she is a different child and growing up her inner selves keep growing, too. The situation is at its peak when Ada moves to college in America and her other inner selves begin to take over Ada leading her life into something dangerous and malicious.

by Lisa Gardner

Those who follow the works of Lisa Gardner and her detective D. D. Warren should love another twisted case. There's a brutal murder: four members of the same family are killed, except a sixteen-year-old girl who is missing. Is she a victim or a killer? Detective D. D. Warren is on the case following the clues left by this young woman, as if asking to look for her...

by Sophie Kinsella

Who doesn't know Sophie Kinsella and her hilarious novels? Here's a new one. Imagine that after living together for 10 years in absolute harmony, your doctor predicts that your couple is to last for another 68 years. This is what happens to Sylvie and Dan who are happy now but never expected to be together for more than seven decades. How you gonna keep this on in still exciting and fresh mode? So they come up with a "Surprise me" project, which eventually turns towards a quite a scandalous direction.

by Jane Harper

Another prof of crime thrillers presents her new novel in Aaron Falk series. Five women hike into the woods but only four return back. After a corporate team building four survivors tell a bit different story each. Agent Falk is the one to untangle this mystery, which occurred in the wild. However, the key question is how well do you know the colleagues you work together with?

by Kathryn Harkup

For those who like to read non-fiction publications, this one should raise a true interest for perhaps there's no one who had never heard a name of a Frankenstein. But this time it is not a research into making of this particular monster. On the contrary, the author explores all the scientific experiments and examines the scientists whose works inspired Mary Shelly to sit and write her world famous bestseller. For dream of creating life has never left the humankind.

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