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Top 5 OF New March Books For Your Happy Easter

A week before Easter is a high time to look for a right book to read during the upcoming holidays. March has a number of excellent new books on offer, so take a look at our Top 5 of the month and get ready for a wonderful spring time:

by Percival Everett

Those who loved the classic novel by Mark Twain The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, might be thrilled to read a re-imagined version told from enslaved Jim's perspective. Jim overhears that he's about to be sold to New Orleans and be separated from his wife and daughter forever, therefore he hides on the Jackson Island to decide what to do next. Meanwhile Huck Finn has faked his own death in order to escape his father and the town. Thus begins the journey by raft down the Mississippi River with many narrative details borrowed from Mark Twain but with Jim shown in a totally new light.

by Kristen Perrin

Holidays are always handy for a good murder mystery. In 1965 Frances Adams meets a fortune-teller at the country fair who tells her that one day Frances will be murdered. So Frances starts preparing for a possible murder by collecting all possible information of all people she had ever met to prevent murder to happen. However sixty years later Frances is murdered anyway, and Anny Adams is the one who is destined to solve the murder of her great-aunt Frances, if the killer doesn't get her first.

by Thea Verdone

This novel has everything in it, including dark subject matter. Alek and Ian are renovating the Gothic Victorian mansion together. Alek is a musician who wants to keep Ian with him but who lies about everything, even his name. Ian is a contractor obsessed with fixing not only buildings, but fixing Alek might be his first failure, especially when he learns the truth.

by Amy Tintera

Why not solve a mystery "did she do it or she do not?" during the Easter? Years ago Lucy was accused of killing her good friend Savvy, as she was found wondering the streets covered in Savvy's blood, though she didn't remember anything about the night. Lucy moved to LA and started a new life. But now Lucy is forced to come back as the popular true crime podcast has chosen Savvy's murder for their second investigating season. She is determined to find out what happened, even if it reveals her as a murderer.

by Timothy W. Ryback

History lovers and those who are curious to research, might look for this non-fiction masterpiece. The book describes in detail the six critical month when Hitler had risen from the ruins and seized the power in Germany. In 1932 November elections Hitler's National Socialists lost two million votes and Hitler was considered a finished man. However, in the run of six months he managed to dismantle the democracy by means of democratic processes. The book provides you the evidence how.


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