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Top 5 March New Books To Meet A Spring

Good-bye dark winter nights. Spring is squeezing in through the frozen mornings, bringing warm rays of sun and clear skies. Don't feel it yet? Good news is that you might hope for better anyway and this notion of spring in the air makes you wish to break loose and scoot free without looking back. Staying outdoors is always a great idea, however, spring is also a romantic time when dreaming is no worse than breathing in the fresh air. The best source for such romantic thoughts is books. So don't stop reading and take a look at out Top 5 of March new editions.

by Lisa Genova

If you liked a sensitive story of Still Alice, you're definitely will be interested in this one, as it also explores the theme of an accomplished man deprived of his purpose in life because of his sudden illness. Richard is a famous concert pianist, however, his career must end as he is diagnosed with ALS and has already his right arm paralyzed. Meanwhile his wife Karina is paralyzed with fear to begin a new life divorcing her husband and make her old dreams come true. Richard's disease makes her stay and take care of him. Maybe it is a perfect time to reconcile their past.

by Alice Feeney

Amber is in coma. Though she can't move or speak, she can hear everything. She doesn't remember what happened to her but Amber is somehow sure her husband is involved. This psychological thriller mixes the present, events that took place before accident a week ago and Amber's diaries going back twenty years. What has really happened to Amber and why she is admitting that sometimes she lies?

by Jonathan Miles

Yet another novel about the fate of a paralyzed man, though this time it is not a tragedy but a miracle. Cameron Harris is paralyzed for four years after an accident. He lives with his sister in a neighborhood that hardly made it though Katrina. One day waiting for her sister Cameron just rises up out of his wheelchair. In no time he becomes a celebrity investigated by everyone in the world. But was it a true miracle or just a result of contemporary medicine? And how Cameron is to cope with this unexpected recovery?

by Simone St. James

There's an institution for troublemaking girls in a small town in Vermont in 1950, which is believed to be haunted. Four roommates enjoy their friendship there until one of them disappears. In 2014 a journalist Fiona is still wandering around the ruins of the same institution because her sister was found dead there twenty years ago. Her boyfriend was convicted of murder but Fiona has a feeling that something is not right. And when the past starts linking with the present, it becomes obvious that some secrets better stay silent forever...

by Sarah Mackenzie

In non-fiction category this month we offer you a study of the benefits of reading aloud to your children. It doesn't matter if your child is a toddler or a teenager, according to the author Sarah Mackenzie, the founder of a popular Read-Aloud Revival podcast, reading aloud can deepen the relationship in a powerful way. Moreover, it has a power not only to change your family but the whole world.

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