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August Top 5 Of New Books For Crime Fiction Lovers

OK, let's leave the serious stuff for September. Though August new books feature piles of engaging reading, our minds are still focused on intriguing page-turners with a plot-twisty crime developments and unbearable suspense. Perhaps holidays and crime novels are the fingers of the same glove or the latter possibly ensure your thoughts are well away from the working routine. Therefore, our TOP 5 of new August books consists only of detective and psychological thrillers you may still snatch from the book stand.

by Karin Slaughter

At last! The ninth novel in Will Trent's series is out to please the fans of Sara Linton and Will Trent. There's a mysterious kidnapping of a scientists from the Centers for Disease Control; there's a devastating explosion at Atlanta’s busiest and most important neighborhood; and there's an abduction of Sara herself forcing Will to go undercover to save her and the lives of many others.

by Ruth Ware

The fifth crime novel of this author is as good as the previous ones. This is the letter of Rowan Caine writing to her lawyer from prison, telling the story how she started working as a nanny at a smart house where the child died and she was accused of the murder. But Rowan claims she didn't do it meaning that there must be somebody else who is the killer.

by J.P. Delaney

Eager for a psychological thriller? Here's one for you. Abbie awakens remembering nothing. But there's her husband, a big man in a tech world, beside her telling she's a perfect wife and a mother to their child who had a terrible accident five years ago. But can Abbie trust him? And what really happened five years ago?

by Alex North

It's a high time for suspense. After his wife's death, Tom is keen on a fresh start with his son. Thus he moves to a new town but it has a dark history related to a serial killer called The Whisper Man who used to whisper to his victims by their windows. When a young boy vanishes, the MO is very similar to the one of The Whisper Man who's actually in the prison. Then Tom's son starts hearing whispering at his window, too...

by Billy Jensen

For non-fiction lovers, we have a real investigation of real crime stories. Journalist Billy Jensen has been investigating unsolved murders for 15 years. But after his friend crime writer's death he makes a plan to solve murders himself. And he succeeds: Billy identifies the Halloween Mask Murderer, finds a missing girl in the California Redwoods, and investigates the only other murder in New York City on 9/11. Moreover, he even gives you the tools - and the rules - to help solve murders yourself.

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