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Best Books Of 2019 For You To Read And Enjoy

Christina | Twenty 20

Social media is full of announced annual reading lists. Popular public figures, influencers or just your friends name the titles of the books they've read this year, praising the ones and downgrading the others. Some regretting that the year wasn't productive in terms of reading, as less than 50 books read is almost an unbearable shame. Meanwhile the others were proud of much more modest selection, showing-off rare findings and sophisticated reviews.

But it's not only personal reading lists that are in the spotlight. The major print media is also keeping themselves busy with top tens and hundreds of books published in 2019. And you should see this as a merit for you: someone's done a great job of picking the titles you might have never noticed yourself.

So to save you time, we offer a number of links to satisfy your curiosity and to add some new titles for the next year's reading list:

Have a happy and joyful New Reading Year!

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