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Top 5 Of New April Books To Spend Your Time With

I don't have time for reading. It's usually the answer when we ask what book our collocutor is reading. And then we recommend them Michael Ende's Momo (or The Men in Grey) about the grey parasites stealing time from people. They represent the Timesavings bank and offer the people of the town to deposit their time and receive it back later with interest. So people begin to save their time, depriving themselves from any activity, which they consider as a time waste, such as entertainment, art, imagination and even sleeping. The town becomes grey and dull with all people having less and less time every day, except the Men in Grey who use the time they get in a form of smoking cigars. The only one to save people from time deprivation is a little girl called Momo who destroys these wicked time stealing individuals and returns time back to the dwellers of the town.

So don't become a slave to those Men in Grey. You always have time for an adventure, social investigation or just a simple relaxation. Or for a bunch of pages of fiction. In case you have no reading list, here's our Top 5 of new April publications:

by Douglas Stuart

The acclaimed Shuggie Bain hasn't left anyone indifferent, so the second novel of Douglas Stuart is much awaited, too. This time the author depicts two friends in Glasgow, Mungo and James, who should have been enemies, as one is a Protestant and the other - a Catholic. Nevertheless, they are best friends and lovers in hide dreaming to find somewhere they could belong. So one day Mungo has to summon his inner strength to try to fight for his and James' future.

by Sascha Rothchild

This debut crime novel with plot twists will really get you entertained. An animal loving therapist Ruby who seems very empathic and nice and lives with her husband Jason has actually killed trice. But the first time we meet Ruby she is interrogated by detectives as a suspect in her husband's murder case. The one she really didn't commit. Ruby is forced to go down her memory lane and remember her crime as well as to find out who has murdered her husband.

by Lara Williams

This new satire on our modern life won't be similarly judged but will still provoke you. Leaving her old life behind, Ingrid starts working on a luxury cruise liner until one day she is selected for the ship captain's mentorship program during which she is constantly asked to perform strange tasks. As she is pushed to go further, Ingrid must finally ask herself when will she know she has stepped too far.

by Sarah Pinborough

If you have read and watched Behind Her Eyes, be ready to meet another bestseller of the same author. Ema loves her current life and her family but it wasn't so all the time. When she was only five, Emma and her sister went into foster care after her mother turned into a monster. Her mother was forty when it happened and now Emma is afraid the same is going to happen to her. Because she is also unable to sleep and feels she's losing her time during the day. Is this the same madness her mother had and is her family still safe living together with Emma?

by Riley Black

Aren't you curious what happened when an asteroid wiped out the ancient living creatures on the worst day in the history of life on Earth and what happened next in days, years, centuries and millions of years afterwards? What has been a mass extinction for dinosaurs, became a huge evolutionary opportunity for the others.


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