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Top 5 Of Our Favorite Books Of 2020

2020 was a very favorable reading year. So many pages turned, so many literary diamonds uncovered. For your attention is our Top 5 of our most favorite reads, which doesn't necessarily were published last year but somehow ended in our lap. There's no number one or number five, just the list in a random order:


by Lauren Groff

The collection of short stories brings this literary genre back to its top. Not all the stories are set in Florida, some of them move the reader to France or Brasil but the Floridian atmosphere hovers above all stories anyway. The protagonist of each story is a woman (or children in some of them) in very realistic everyday situations, however there are no drastic ups and downs in the stories, just the same life pace as we are used to, only with certain revelations or thoughts, which might occur to any of us. And this makes the stories so much emotionally appealing.


by Delia Owens

This novel is an example of a powerful story-telling. The story of a girl left alone to grow in the middle of North Carolina's marshes, the tangled elements of a murder mystery with the insertions of lyrical poems turn the book into a marvelous masterpiece. This is the case when you are truly living the novel through till the very end.

by Antonio Scurati

It is a profound historical research by Scurati about the one and only Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Though the book is considered a novel, it is actually a historical reconstruction of the facts and events from 1919 to 1924, thanks to investigated piles of articles, authentic letters, telegrams, official statements, etc. According to the author, it is the novel where “nothing is invented.” And there's no better way to get to understand Italy as it is than to read this book. It is only the first book in the trilogy and we are already reading the second. Unfortunately, the books are still available only in Italian.


by Sally Rooney

If you long for careless student life you've once had, Normal People will definitely bring you back. But not because its story circles around the student years but for the feelings and actions you once might have had or done. The novel is so easy to read and so easy to feel. Two young people who either come together or fall apart throughout the book are so normal and so you or us that it is constantly followed by a kind of melancholic sadness and involuntary character identification.

by Sandro Veronesi

This book is one of the emotionally strongest novels we've ever read. The winner of the Premio Strega 2020 (the most prestigious literary award in Italy) Il Colibri justifies its recognition by an exceptional poetry of words and an ideally accurate expression of such emotions, as pain, loss and dedication. The story, which consists of narrative parts as well as letters and telephone calls, and travels back and forth in time, revolves around the main character Marco Carrera, who had a growth disorder as a child, and therefore, has been called 'the hummingbird'. The effect that the book has on the reader in terms of an emotional impact, is so strong and deep that sometimes you fill as fulminated. The book is predicted to be published in English in May 2021.

In addition to our favorites, take a look at the selections of other respectable media:


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